Registration Process




Step 1: Submit Application
The application pack is available from the school’s registration office. The pack includes the necessary forms to complete the application process; which includes a list of required information and documentation. Once the application is completed and the required documentation is submitted the Admission Committee will review the completed application.

Step 2: Telephone Call from Registration
A staff member from the Registration office will call the parent and inform them if the required documentation has been accepted. The Registration staff member will schedule an admission test.

Step 3: Admission Testing
The school will administer admission tests for new incoming students. Tests are scheduled through appointments and may include an interview. Admission testing for new incoming KG1 students will consist of a verbal interview. KG2 students’ admission test will consist of a verbal interview and a test of letters and numbers. Grade 1 to 12, the admission test will consist of the following: Reading, math and writing abilities in both English and Arabic.

Step 4: Registration Decision
The Admission Committee will review the application pack along with the testing results to determine if a student is eligible to be accepted at MAQBS.

Step 5: Notification of the Application Outcome
A staff member from the Registration office will notify parents of the decision. The decisions are based on the following standards:
1) Full acceptance.
2) Conditional Acceptance.
3) Retest.
4) Decline.

Qualified students will be accepted on a first come first served basis, provided space is available. Once a class closes, a waiting list will be established. Parents and students will be notified should an opening become available. Students may be denied admission for any of the following reasons:
1) Behavior concerns
2) Low English proficiency
3) Low academic levels
4) Other reasons, as per the administration’ decision

If any parent provides misinformation about their child, the child will not be accepted. If the child is enrolled and false information was provided, the student will be asked to leave immediately from the school.

Detailed Procedures:
The KG, Elementary and M/HS Vice Principals will provide the School Registrar with a list of possible interview dates for new admissions.
The Registrar will do the initial interview with the parents and student(s).
The Registrar will request the following basic requirements for entry:
A. Official transcript or report cards for last 3 years including the most recent one.
B. High school students official transcript from Grade 9
Prior to student interview, the Vice principal/teacher should collect the interview form from the Registrar office.
During and at the end of the interview the Vice Principal/teachers should complete the interview form and return it to the registration office to get approval from the School Director.
The Elementary & M/HS School Vice Principal should ensure that the interview form is:
A. Completed
B. Signed by Vice Principals
C. Returned to the School Registrar no later than the end of the workday of the interview.
For students entering Grade 9 –12, the M/HS School Vice Principal should determine the number of transferable credits a new student has and in what Grade level at MAQBS the student should be placed. The M/HS Vice Principal should also report the GPA and number of transferable credits to the Registrar using the interview form.
When parents are given an interview appointment, the Registrar will inform them of all required documents they need to bring to the interview.
On the interview day, the Registrar will examine all documents and refer them to the appropriate Vice Principal for follow-up. Special attention should be made to any student’s behavior problems.
The Registrar must complete all the sections of the registration form.
The parents should check that the information is correct.
Parents must sign the registration form.
The deposit must be paid on the day of registration, amount of 100 kwd
Registration Personnel will review the prospective student’s application, transcripts and report cards for the past three years from the previous school to determine if the student is eligible for the school’s placement.
Prospective students must successfully pass the entrance test (70% pass grade) and achieve grade level scores to be considered for placement.
Prospective High School Students:
A. Applications for grades 10 and higher will be admitted on a credit transfer basis.
B. Students must meet MAQBS requirements for graduation. If the transferred student lacks the credits, he/she must make up the course.

It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the registrar, if they are aware of any special educational needs and difficulties that the student may have at the time of submission of the application.
Students suspected of requiring special educational needs that cannot be provided by the school, may be asked to provide assessment information from independent professional evaluation centers prior to making a decision for eligibility for admission and placement testing.
All Students joining MAQBS must bring a Code of Conduct form completed by the previous school before a final decision for admission is made.