High School


Welcome To High School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the High school department of the Martyr Asrar Al Qabandi Bilingual School. We are dedicated and committed to fostering a team that promotes excellence in all academic areas. High school is a decisive turning point for students to build and plan their future. Our aim is to enable and empower every student in MAQBS towards academic grandeur and prepare them for the next educational journey. The school year presents wide opportunities for growth and innovation and success. Our teachers value the academic success of our students as well as their character development and they seek to achieve high expectations promoting our students’ academic ability and so qualifying them to contribute their skills globally. Our school cares about raising its students with the sense of loyalty towards their school. It will always be a proud achievement for them and their families to graduate from MAQBS which they will always belong to and will have an effect on their astonishing, successful career.