Welcome Message From The HR

Who We Are

Welcome Message From The HR Manager

We are delighted to know of your interest in considering our school as your next workplace.

Established in 1997, our institution is an American bilingual school comprising a diverse team of 115 staff members from various nationalities, supporting approximately 700 students.

At MAQBS, we are committed to achieving the highest standards, focusing on realizing your educational vision to benefit our students optimally. This aspiration relies on talented, flexible, creative, and passionate professionals who can contribute to achieving the school’s mission.

Unifying under shared values, our community thrives in an environment infused with the joy of learning and the drive to excel, fostered by a progressive approach that defines our unique bilingual learning atmosphere.

We are committed to empowering our team through substantial investments in staff revitalization and leadership development, aiming to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. We provide both local and international professional development opportunities for teachers, enriching their skills and experiences.

Our vacancy page is regularly updated. If you find a vacancy aligning with your qualifications, kindly submit your CV.

We eagerly anticipate meeting candidates who demonstrate expertise in their respective fields and share a genuine passion for education.


Suzanne Ferzan