Arabic Department


Welcome to the Arabic Department.

Dear parents,

The Department that combines authenticity and Arab Islamic values. Which accompanies our students from kindergarten to secondary school, we use the curriculum of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait in all subjects that depend on the Arabic language, and are taught in an exciting and creative way through the use of technology, creative materials and interactive lessons, and we also use a package of programs that take into account the multiple needs of students Among the most important of these is the Arabic language program for non-native speakers, and a program for taking care of weak and talented students. Teaching the Arabic language is different from other subjects, as the language is a tool of life and a means of seeking knowledge. Our message is “Our language is our voice that reaches hearts and minds, so it possesses hearts and fascinates minds.” Our goal is to raise the personality of students, enhance the value aspect, develop the spirit of commitment and responsibility among students, and provide the best education in accordance with modern educational practices to build generations capable of facing the future.